Ba Rum Pum Pum Pum

My all-time favorite Christmas song is the Little Drummer Boy, which tells the story of a boy who gives the gift of the song in his heart and finds out, despite his initial doubts, that it is a most worthy gift. I like the song because it reminds us that we don’t have to be a king or a wise man to make a positive difference in someone’s life.

This time of year brings to the surface examples of people making a difference in the lives of others. Just last week the Middleton High School Chamber Singers completed their annual “Tour de Middleton” where they climbed on a bus early in the morning and disembarked late at night and in between brought their gift of song to senior centers, churches, and nursing homes around town. One stop that resulted in tears of joy and sadness was to a critical care unit where several in the audience were likely experiencing their last Christmas. Many in the choir broke down in tears as they sang but one choir member thought this was ironic as the audience were themselves smiling as they enjoyed the beauty and comfort of the music that was offered. If you think about it the audience’s smiles were in themselves gifts as many of the singers will long remember this time when they brought happiness to others at a critical stage of life.

The M.O.M (Middleton Outreach Ministry) benefit production of Young Jack Frost that was recently held at the Performing Arts Center is another great example of people giving of themselves for the benefit of others. Professional and local actors, writers, musicians, local businesses, volunteers and neighbors came together to tell a beautiful tale of redemption and growth while fostering a feeling of community with the audience and raising money for those with the greatest needs. The $30,000 plus that they raised may not sound like a lot compared to some things, but it is sure to make a difference in the lives of those finding they need a little help to get through a rough patch in their lives.

While these are great examples of helping others, I think many of us are like the little drummer boy before he decides to play his drums. We don’t know what we have to offer that is valuable to anyone. What we don’t realize is that pretty much everything we have to offer has value: the song in our heart; our time and attention; even the smile on our face can be the most valuable gift we ever give. At the Middleton Chamber Singers tour the seniors in the critical care area gave as much as they received, and that is the real beauty of the song The Little Drummer Boy.

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